Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What to Wear {Maternity}

A friend of mine, Danielle from Danielle Lemon Photography, made some What to Wear style boards, and was nice enough to share them.  I always have clients asking what to wear, so hopefully I’ll start adding more of these to the blog so you can get an idea of what to wear.  Again, I always say this, and it’s so true, but anytime you see an awesome family picture, child picture, or maternity picture, pay attention to what they’re wearing and mock it!  Your outfit can really make or break your photos!

Here’s a maternity style board…


Thursday, March 10, 2011

What to Wear | Spring 2011

So I thought I would try my hand in creating outfits from polyvore.com to maybe help with my sessions…and oh my gosh, it is so hard!  I’m not really that fashion savvy anyways, it’s all I can do to just dress myself.  But to dress a whole family?  HARD.  And yes, I know it says Spring and you’re probably wondering why I created my people with sweaters and such, but it’s still cold here in the spring! 

As for what to wear, I like not too many prints, but some print is okay.  I like non-white shirts.  I like bold colors.  I like people to coordinate, not to be matchy matchy.  I like for you to wear what’s comfortable, and YOU.  I want you to feel good in what you are wearing, because if you don’t, my camera sees that.  I like casual shoots.  I like dressy shoots.  I like the in between.

When trying to figure out what everyone should wear, I usually like to start with one person or outfit, and make that my main focus on colors/patterns/look.  So I suggest picking one outfit, and then working around it for the others in the photo session.  Can’t decide?  Just bring it all, or email me what you have and I’ll pick for you!

And here is my first (and may be only attempt) to creating a “What to Wear”:

Ralph Lauren cotton tee
158 GBP – farfetch.com

Old Navy tie front cardigan
$30 – oldnavy.gap.com

D&G dark blue jeans
$175 – stylebop.com

Lanvin shoes
$485 – barneys.com

Soft wash utility pocket shirt
$75 – bananarepublic.gap.com