Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Packaging!

I’m so excited about my move to USB/Flash Drives.  If you haven’t already heard, there are computers being built now without CD drives, so I figured it was time to move on to USB’s instead of CDs.  Once I got my new logo, I knew it was time to redo all of my packaging, so I started with it!  I’m loving it so far, and I hope my clients do too!  All of my clients that book a full sessions/newborn sessions will get this packaging.  If you do a milestone session and end up upgrading to all of your images, then you’ll get it too!  YAY!

What do you think?

**for details on where I got what, go HERE!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What is a Fine Art Gallery Wrap? | Central Arkansas Portrait Photographer

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I’ve been crazy busy lately, but have been meaning to post a picture of what exactly a gallery wrap is.  Some of my collections include a 16×20 Fine Art Canvas Gallery Wrap which are one of my very favorite products!  The picture of your choice is printed on canvas and wrapped around a 1.5 inch wooden frame, so when you receive it, it’s ready to hang right then and there! 
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There is also a laminate coating to protect the gallery wrap from scuffs, scratches, and cracking.  This coating will also provide UV light protection.

Now, why did I choose 16×20 to offer in my collections?! So many people are scared of going big, but I assure you, you will LOVE big prints hanging in your house. I actually really like bigger, but it’s all about where you are putting it.

It’s rather ironic because Amy Ro, a fabulous photographer from Rhode Island, just wrote a great article on how bigger is better…be sure and go read it, it’s really eye opening and puts things in perspective on how you should decide the size of your wall prints.
(article is here: Bigger Really is Better, Version 2.0, by Amy Ro Photography)

Anyways, I did my own little experiment a couple of weeks ago and yes, just now posting it.  When you walk into my house, and look to your left, about 12ish feet away is where this 16×20 gallery wrap is hanging.  If this were an 11×14, you would NOT be able to see it.  I just love that it makes an impact for my friends and family when they walk through my front door.

Doesn’t that make you just want one?!? I can’t wait to have kids so I can plaster a bunch of huge canvases on my wall!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Custom Mounted Prints

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I got a custom mounted print in the other day, and wanted to showcase it here so if you ever decide to order a print 11×14 or bigger, this is how beautiful it is!  Some of my collections come with an 11×14, so note, you’ll get it like this, not like a loose print.  Isn’t it pretty?!

These bigger wall prints come mounted on styrene ready to put into a frame.  They have a unique texture, and also have a lustre coating that will provide protection from scratching and fingerprints.  Like always, these pictures do not do justice, and is truly more beautiful in person 🙂