About Me

Melissa Reibe

Hello, Nice To Meet You!

Hey there!  I’m Melissa, and I am a professional photographer in Central Arkansas area.  I specialize in newborn portraiture.

I have always loved taking pictures ever since I took a photography class in high school.  After graduating high school, I put that hobby on the back burner for about 10 years.  A short while after my wedding in 2008, I  decided to pick my photography hobby back up.  I went out and bought a DSLR with the help of my best friend who is a great photographer, and from that day on…I DOVE into the hobby and haven’t looked back.  I decided after a while (aka endless amount of hours spent on photography), that I wanted to do this on the side since I have such a huge passion for it.  It eventually became my full time job, and after doing a little bit of everything for a few years, I realized my passion lied in newborn photography!  I love the rewarding feeling I get from taking your newborn images, something that will be cherished forever.  I literally am so giddy after every session, and if I can, I drive straight home and start uploading and editing – photography truly excites me!

A little more about me:

I am a wife to a wonderful husband, Bryan.  We have been married since 2008, and I really couldn’t ask for a more supportive and awesome hubby!  We have the two most beautiful children ever – a smart boy, Cooper, who was born in late 2011, and a precious girl, Aven, who was born mid 2013.  It’s safe to say we are definitely smitten <3….and busy 😉

It’s funny how my life has changed, when I created this new website, I was copying and pasting what I had on my old one for the about me.  Well, here’s the part where I talk about my hobbies…and any of you know, that when you have kids, your hobbies take a huge backseat!  So I’ll tell you, first and foremost, my kids/family and photography are my hobbies!  Now…a few years ago, I loved to run/exercise, play volleyball, sew, waterski, and do crafty stuff!   I don’t have time for a lot of those things anymore, but I do know I still love going on vacations with my husband (hello beach!), going on walks with Cooper and Aven, spending time with all of my best girlfriends and family, and also just snuggling up on the couch to read a good book.  Turkey sandwiches, Mexican food, Starbucks, no bake cookies and sour brite crawlers are some of my favorite things.  And I love sleep!  Oh how I love to sleep!

I look forward to getting the chance to know a little more about you!  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me (melissa@melissareibephotography.com).